Doug -
Just did a little test drive when I got home. Amazing. Like a different guitar. Can't wait until I have the house to myself so I can really give her a whirl. Well done.
Well done,

Doug -
More good stuff on the setups. Did a short run-through on all three at low volume, just putzing around. The T-15, indeed, is like a different guitar. Nice to have a middle position now, too. The Washburn doesn't appear to be as big a difference except for one huge thing - you can hear it now when it's plugged into an amp! The real cherry is the Strat. ... Because of tuning issues, I had put it away and not played it in, literally, years. I forgot how much I enjoyed playing when I first got it. Can't wait to let that one rip in any empty house. It might become my No. 1 again. Again, great work. Thanks for the diligence.

By the way, nice work again on the guitars. Now that all of them are so fast, not sure how I'm going to be able to give all them attention.


Doug, you're a genius


Hey man, just wanted to thank you for what you did with my Dano.
Loving this super low action. I'll take a pic for you this week and
send it your way. Feel free to use me as a reference