At this time we are only able to do business by appointment only, all instruments must be brought by at an agreed upon time so the tech can be there to accept it.  An on site shop that customers can visit is in the works, we will keep everyone updated on this.

Also, instruments will most likely need ot be kept at least overnight depending on the work we have lined up, with only one tech at this time things may take a little longer than a few hours, same day service is possible, feel free to discuss this with our tech.  We do have many customers from out of town, if you wish to leave your instrument for a week or more until you have more available time to pick it up we are fine with this as well.  Many of our customers go with this option, we can keep your instrument in a secure place. 

Truss rod adjustment is tricky at times, if the rod needs adjusted, but is being stubborn, the tech isn't going to force it.  Truss rods can break if forced sometimes, if your truss rod won't adjust easily then we will try our best to get the action as low as possible with the rod where it is.

Although cash is the easiest form of payment, we may be able to accept another form, feel free to discuss payment methods with our tech.  We also don't stock very many parts, again this is something that keeps our rates low for you.  ALLPARTS is a texas based guitar parts company, you can often get parts shipped from them very quickly if needed, we may have a few used parts here and there.